Kitchen Video

ChefTab® Product Family

Tablet-based Printer Replacement Kitchen Display System

Touchscreen UI

A kitchen display system that looks and functions like the original diner ticket wheel that started it all. Swipe to scroll through open orders... Tap to complete... No training required.


Stop Printing

Many restaurant establishments are still printing tickets in their kitchen since there are no solutions out there that support their POS/Register. Stop printing... the ChefTab can plug right in as a replacement for your network printer and most POS/Registers won't know the difference.



We needed to give our customers a way to make kitchen ticket work better for them than a reciept. TicketGenie is that answer. Using patent-pending technology, the TicketGenie processes any textual receipt data sent to the ChefTab and automatically recognizes items, modifiers, and other important data. TicketGenie is what makes low tech receipts into rich kitchen tickets for display on ChefTab.

IPad / NGen Product Family

Rugged Bumpbar-based Kitchen Display System



Most Rugged

This time tested product family features the most rugged designs we offer. Featuring highly reliable tactile feedback keypads, miniaturized form-factor controllers, and kitchen-hardened food-safe enclosures the IPad / NGen family can withstand the harshest kitchen environments.

POS Integration

The IPad / NGen have Point of Sale Integrations with nearly every system on the market. Representing the culmination of nearly 20 years of partnerships with the largest and leading POS companies to offer custom, managed integrations for optimal kitchen workflow solutions.


Our proprietaty Kitchen Display Software to best exercise the full feature-set of the IPad / NGen. Full featured suite offering item-bumping, order timing, translation, many screen configurations, and speed of service reporting.

Why Select Electronics KDS?

Benefits Built in to each and every Select Electronics Kitchen System

Optimize Kitchen Operations

With over 20 years working on Kitchen Display Systems, we have implemented features for all restaurant concepts to improve their specific workflow. Most of that is already built into all of our products, but if it isn't let us know and if it makes sense we'll do it. Our best ideas come from customers.

Kitchen Analytics / Reporting

An inefficient Kitchen can cut at your bottom line and reduce customer satisfaction. Use our tested reporting tools to gain insights into the speed of your operations.

Lifetime Software Updates

We are always innovating and our software is always evolving, that is why we provide free lifetime software upgrades for anything your current system supports. That way your team is always working with our best solution.

Reduce Consumables

Hands down, a kitchen display system has a positive impact on the environment and your operational costs. One small busy restaurant can spend $2500+ a year in Kitchen Receipt Paper. Go green, save green.