Merchant Services

Our Merchant Services in Dallas are second to none. Metroplex POS takes the guesswork out of updating your Business and how to handle the confusing world of POS Systems, as it relates to opening a new Business and what will work best for you.  From Credit Card Processing to Touch Screen Software, our team of professionals will work with you, to ensure you choose the perfect match for your size Business and what will help your Employees make fast and effortless transactions each and every time.


Metroplex POS is excited to announce our partnership with the world leader in secure, credit card processing: EVO Platinum Services!


Together, along with EVO Platinum Services, Metroplex POS provides you with:


Rapid Credit Card Processing with Low Rates


Gift Cards


Next Day Funding

EVO Merchant Services was founded in 1989 and is based in New York. EVO Payments International is among the largest fully-integrated merchant acquirer and payment processors in the world. EVO operates as a payments service provider for both face-to-face and e-commerce transactions for all major credit cards, debit cards, commercial cards and electronic bank transfers.

EVO can process in nearly 50 markets and 120 currencies around the world. Through its European subsidiary, EVO operates as a principal member of MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Europe.

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