The Bematech POS line is the result of more then a decade of experience and leadership in the highly demanding and ever expanding Retail market.

Our Miniprinters have been developed with design and functionality in mind. The extremely compact size, recessed cable layout and modern shape make them the perfect companion to your point-of-sale location.

The Microterminals operate will all functionality of a POS computer, but without the bulk and at a fraction of the cost. All Microterminals can be customized and programmed specifically to your retail needs.

The combination of our Microterminals with our Miniprinters, as well as a range of accessories, bring together a solution which, compared to a traditional Computer, Monitor, Keyboard and Printer combination has the same functionality, more reliability, better looks, occupies much smaller area of your precious point-of-sale real estate and, to top it off, is done at a fraction of the cost.