Video Surveillance


Get Comprehensive Video Security with Talon DVR


Talon DVR is comprehensive digital video security that can be integrated with your point of sale system with advanced search capability and remote monitoring.

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  • Remote Monitoring from PDA or SmartPhone
  • Critical Event Notification
  • Integrates with POS Systems and Cash Registers (Text Insertion)
  • Search of Integrated POS/ECR Data
  • Direct Web Support, View Live & Recorded Video from Internet Explorer
  • High-Resolution MPEG4 Video Recording
  • Central Monitoring and Management of Multiple Talon Servers at one location


  • Video security helps to reduce shrink associated with employee and customer theft
  • Combined with POS data, video security provides an excellent audit trail for "Sweathearting" and other employee thefts with the superior evidentiary record of video
  • Surveys have shown that video security is the number one deterrent of theft since it is not clear where cameras are located
  • Video security is effective against accident fraud since the cameras can assist in capturing evidence of a fraudulent injury
  • Better than a bad check file, video can capture evidence of check fraud, credit card fraud and returns fraud that prevents repeat offenders
  • Remote monitoring can help verify building alarms and prevent false alarm fees from the police department
  • Video provides an excellent investigative tool when trying to determine the source of a short drawer to bank
  • Remote monitoring allows business owners and managers to view live or recorded video from any web browser or smartphone
  • Critical event notifications can send and e-mail with image or can call when an event is taking place giving a much higher chance of recovery
  • Video can ensure employee compliance to company policies and can help determine proper staffing levels.

Talon Server Program Features

  • 1,4,6,9,10,16,12 Multi-Channel View Support

  • Audio Monitoring and Recording

  • Multiple Search Methods

Dome Camera


  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom & Focus Control Support

  • Hardware Watchdog for Auto Reboot

  • AVI / MPEG4 File Saving with Watermark

  • Event Notification: Beep, Mark, Pop-up, Talon-Net Remote Notify, Relay Output, E-mail Message w/ Text & Image, Phone Message via Modem

  • User Access Security

  • TCP/IP Support for Remote Access

  • Whole or Partial Image Motion Recording

  • Image Masking Feature (LivCap Board Version Only)


Talon-Net Client Program Features

  • Multi Net DVR Central Station Support

  • Remote Access to Multiple DVR's

  • PTZ Control Including Preset and Tour Modes

  • Image Controls for Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Resolution, Compression

  • Display Live Video from Server

  • Search Recorded Data by Time/Date, Motion, Text Match

  • Save Remote Data Locally While Viewing

  • Two Way Voice Communication

POS Data Integration (Text Insertion)

  • Supports POS, ECR, Access Control & ATM

  • Search by Text Match & Date/Time

  • RS-232 / 422 / 485 & TCP/IP Connectivity

  • Up to 32 Devices per DVR Server

  • Unique Parsing Utility for Custom Appications

  • User-Defined Item Search Settings

Direct Web Support

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Support - No Special Software Required

  • OCX Support

  • View Live & Recorded Images

  • Multiple Search Methods: Date/Time, Motion, Text, Single & Multi

  • Audio Search

  • 2-Way Voice Communications

  • Image Saving; AVI Clip or JPEG Still

SmartPhone / PDA Support

  • iPhone, Android Apps

  • Wireless Access to DVR

  • Live View Over Mobile Phone Internet Connection

Talon Integrated Archive System (Optional Kit)

  • Virtually Unlimited Long-Term Video Storage

  • Automatic Video Archiving to a Hot-Swap Hard Drive on the Talon DVR Server

  • Remote Viewing on any Windows PC using a USB Hard Drive Dock & the Talon Back-Up Viewer

  • Allows Scheduled Back-Ups of Archived Video and Provides a Warning Reminder when the Drive is Full

  • Available in a 500 Gigabyte or 1 Terabyte Kit that Include All Neccessary Hardware & Software

LivCap / ACap Board Features

  • Up to 32 video input / 16 sensor in / 4 relay out (optional on ACap)
  • Up to 2 sound input (16 channels optional)

  • Hardware watchdog

  • Mult-view TV Out (1,4,Normal) *Single view only on ACap

  • Real time display and record

  • MPEG4 soft CODEC Recording

  • No Frame Loss

  • High resolution 352x240, 740x240, 704x480

  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom Support (Optional on ACap)

MPG / AMX Board Features

  • Up to 32 video input / 16 sensor in / 4 relay out

  • Up to 32 integrated sound input

  • Hardware watchdog

  • Single View TV Out

  • Real time display and record (30fps/channel)

  • MPEG4 On-Board Hardware Processor

  • No Frame Loss

  • High Resolution 325x240, 704x240, 704x480

  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom Support (Optional on AMX)

  • Small recording frame size (1~3kb / Frame)

  • Low CPU load

Talon DVR Card